From journalist and PR pro to undergrad in marine biology

A quick hi to anyone who reads this and thanks for dropping by. As my bio will no doubt say when I get that started, I’m studying marine biology as an undergrad as of March 2012!

So this blog will look at some of the projects we work on in the cool little coastal town of Warrnambool, Victoria (Australia) and beyond. Plus the side trips that may have nothing to do with science but still may be of interest.

To give you an idea of what I was doing before an abrupt life change led to studying marine science, check out my other blog, Yeah I know, never got to fix that title but it’s all pretty much sports-focused and written when I was working in PR in the UK. While I still enjoy sport, doing PR in that field no longer holds much interest – obviously researching fish have been my passion so that’s where I’m heading!

Cheers and happy blogging, Stumbling or whatever else you get a kick out of.



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  1. Well, that’s quite a turn-around in careers! It explains why your blog is so well written. You know how to grab your audience. I’ll be dropping by to see what’s new.

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