Sunset over the sea – late afternoon fishing trip

Sunset over the sea - late afternoon fishing trip

This was a quick later afternoon trip to Jubilee Park on the Hopkins River estuary, about 6km east of Warrnambool. This stretch of coast is known for its constant cloud cover but we had an unusually long and mostly clear summer, leading to sunsets like this.

Here’s a smaller shot for those on iPads or mobiles!

Photos taken on my Samsung WB500, ISO 80, f/7.5, 1/125



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  1. Beautiful. How was the fishing?
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle…and soon fishing from south central Alaska.

    • Thanks for the comment, in this case the sunset was much better than the catch on offer! If I’d had some lures, might have been to catch some perch. In this stretch of river there’s plenty of small brim at this time of year so we had to put most of the catch back due to being undersized.
      Love your seafood recipes: the seafood fettucini looks delicious!

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