Cuttlefish Country

After watching some amazing footage of several cuttle species while volunteering at the Marine Discover Centre (which has its own Giant Cuttle on display), I’m fascinated by these creatures.
Some of the research being done on them is showing their high level of intelligence (comparable to the more well-known octopus IQ) but the issues of preserving their habitat in places like South Australia are still an ongoing problem.
Cuttlefish Country is aiming to change that through their website and documentary work: check out their site and other links from the video.

PS. I’m not a fan of writing ‘Cuttlefish’, just like I hate saying ‘starfish’ or ‘jellyfish’. Can everyone start calling them cuttles, seastars and jellies, please??


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  1. Thanks for your support, Oceanic Explorer! The cuttles’ breeding ground in Upper Spencer Gulf, South Australia is unique and under serious threat. We have a new visual up on our website which shows the conflict between development and conservation plans on a Google Earth map:

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