Looking into the past to save animals in the future

What Is Missing? is one of those environmental websites you need to set aside at least an hour to go through – the range of stats, videos and text is mind-boggling. The screen grab above shows a world map with each coloured dot representing an extinct or endangered species or whole ecosystem in the area shown.

The WIM foundation, supported by corporate giants such as Bloomberg and Google, has created an amazing resource for normal people with limited knowledge of environmental issues and lists ways they can help reduce their impact on the earth (and obviously, on the other animals trying to share an increasingly-crowded space). Their artistic mission (part of which is shown below) is very US-based at present but no doubt with global support, we can see more of their artworks showing up in city squares around the world.

The question always is: will flicking through pages of the website make the unconvinced change their ways? Does an average person have the presence of mind to realise their polluting efforts in New York can contribute to killing a northern right whale in the Atlantic? Or even that they were called ‘right whales’ because whalers and scientists of the day agreed they were the ‘right’ ones to hunt??


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  1. this will be an extremely useful resource. will surely share this around.


    chai kadai.

    • it’s a great idea isn’t it! very Flash-heavy site though which will frustrate old iPad users and those on slow connections but still, an excellent way to put the message across

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