Fish finding and Facebook friends

Just a quick bit of promotion (my own work and that of a few others) to fit in during study break: I’ve started a Facebook fan page for anyone wanting to connect on FB and get some extra updates, links etc.

Please like the page and feel free to send me a message if there’s any questions, comments or suggestions. It’s been great reading the feedback to the blog so far – I never expected the kind of interactions I’ve had already with people around the world who are just as interested in learning more about the ocean!

One of those brief discussions was concerning a ‘citizen science’ project called Redmap ( ), which invites recreational and commercial fishermen/women to log fish sightings around Tasmania (and soon to be spreading to Victoria).

I’ll go into this in more detail in a future post but check out the website for more details in the meantime.

Also, speaking of citizen science, a friend I met a conference in the States a few years back, who goes by the moniker Science Cheerleader ( has a similar project for US and other northern hemisphere readers: Fish Watchers.

Amongst other fantastic projects on the Scistarter website, Fish Watchers calls on regular people to report fish sightings so scientists can create distribution maps and biodiversity databases.


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