A Large Day!

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Actually, it was a very large weekend.  In my little corner of the world we still celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday on the weekend that includes, or lies before, May 24th.  It’s an excuse to wet a line and bend a few elbows; to get out in the country and have a boil up.  This was a rare confluence of events as we had great weather and enough wind to keep the flies away, and a massive iceberg floating out the bay.

This gigantic block of ancient ice was ponderously making it’s way back out the bay.  Winds were high, and whipped melt-water and steam off the surface.

The bay holds reefs and shoals that have sunk many a ship, and our floating iceberg came upon a rock.  Over the space of the evening it grounded and twisted, the forces of wave and tide and wind torquing through the center.  The…

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post. So glad you liked it.

    • happy to. I did write a blurb as well but that disappeared: using WP app on my Android phone seems to have unusual results!
      I was commenting that I couldn’t comprehend the sight of an iceberg sitting off my local beach; would expect to see a row of penguins sitting on the edge checking out the view!

  2. 😀 More likely to see seals around here. Actually, if you blow up the third picture, the one where the berg is starting to twist, you can see a small flock of seagulls in the middle of the right hand block. Iceberg alley runs along the coast of the island where I live, so we get bergs each spring. How many depends on the amount that has broken away from the Northern ice floes.
    You’ve got some interesting stuff up. Keep the faith.

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