Why Does the Queensland Blue Groper Eat People?

Man-eating fish on the loose! I liked Project Aquatic’s headline better and I remembered hearing something about a female celebrity actor was diving in Queensland and was nearly swallowed by a groper… Jessica Alba, maybe?? I could pick a few others that I’d prefer to be digested by a large fish

Paul's Work

Queensland Groper, Epinephelus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790). Photo: Paul Macklin/www.projectaquatic.com



The Queensland Groper has been recorded at 2.7 metres in length and up to 400 kilograms in weight which makes it the largest bony fish inhabiting the coral reef system. What I found of interest was constant references to it fatally attacking humans. This groper must not have read that article as it was pretty startled when it saw me and swam off.

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