Two Sea Shepherd ships in Melbourne

the Brigitte Bardot docked at Williamstown

I’ve mentioned previously my love for the Sea Shepherd organisation and had the chance to check out another of their ships when the fast catamaran Brigitte Bardot docked in Williamstown (close to Melbourne city, seen in background) last week.

One of the new crew members from Barcelona gave me a tour of the supercat, which usually squeezes in 8 crew members in a very cosy but well-decked out area below deck. The ship was joining the Steve Irwin in Williamstown for a week of resupply and repairs before a quick visit to Sydney on the way to a new season of Sea Shepherd’s anti shark-finning campaign in the South Pacific.

The Steve Irwin crew were also showing off their new helicopter, which is invaluable for hunting down the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean and also for spotting passages through the Antarctic sea ice.

The new chopper above deck on the Steve Irwin


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  1. Wow! This is a really sweet looking ship! Thanks for posting it 🙂

    ~My Blog

    • they’re done a great job fixing it, after it was rammed by one of the Japanese fleet. Pretty expensive job no doubt – think the law of the sea should allow conservation groups to sue for damages!

      *yes, i know what that really means but it just sounded good.

  2. I love what they do. I wish I could join them myself!

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