Whales sighted on Australia’s eastern and southern coast

I’m excited for whale watching season: this doesn’t mention that they’ve also been spotted at Port Fairy on Victoria’s southwest coast and we’re hoping for lots more sightings in the next few months!

Sea Change

It’s that time of year again

In honour of IFAW’s National Whale Day today, I decided to celebrate the fact that the annual Humpback Whale migration has returned to Australia.  They’ve been spotted from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in the East, and Augusta on the West Coast.  And the season is just beginning.

Humpback whales migrate annually from their winter feeding grounds in the krill-rich Antarctic to warmer waters where they breed and give birth.  In Australia we are fortunate that the whale migration comes closer to shore than most places in the Southern Hemisphere.  The best place to see the migration on the East Coast is either on a dedicated whale-watching tour or (from personal experience) North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, where the whales are forced closer to land by the current they follow North.  I haven’t been out Humpback whale watching on the West Coast yet, but…

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  1. I’ve not been to Victoria before, is Port Fairy a good place to watch for whales? One day I’d like to see them from all the best places in Australia! 🙂

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