Kids get unique view of marine life from the ferry

Marine life display

I previously posted a photo of the view from the Queenscliff fery and am skipping a class on my first day back at uni to catch up on everything I didn’t get done during the holidays – including a post about the trip itself!

We had four four volunteers and two staff helping out during a kids’ session by the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre (new name for the MDC) on the Queenscliff ferry, operated by Searoad. Being school holidays, ferry passengers were mainly families and parents seemed very happy we were providing fun activities to keep the kids occupied.

As well as the usual colouring-in project, the most popular table was full of children making origami animals such as turtles, pelicans and frogs. I attempted the turtle three times and struggled to get it right, only to be upstaged by a six-year-old who made two perfect replicas!

The displays also included the ID table above, which asked children to identify the creature that once inhabited the shell or egg sac or, with the cuttle bone and penguin feathers, what animal it came from. I’m still amazed by young people’s ability to soak up this information and retain it and it should give environmentalists hope for the future that many of them were aware of ocean conservation issues.

Origami project for the kids


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  1. This is such a great idea. It’s so important to get kids involved with conservation from an early age!

    • sure is! it’s a great way to ensure a captive audience as well: unless the kids want to look at the murky bay water for the 45-50 minute trip, they usually don’t have much else to do, so marine activities are perfect. Pretty amazing how excited they get about making a paper turtle too!

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