Spot the crab


I found this fella during the previous photo shoot at Shelly Beach on the NSW Central Coast. Tricky to get a good focus on him and you can spot his beady eyes and a claw at least. The rockpools in this area seemed to be a great breeding area for a variety of molluscs and crustaceans that we don’t usually always see in the colder Southern Ocean waters.


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  1. My beady eyes aren’t seeing his! Clue please?

    • okay…in the centre, above the algae covered limpet, you can see his eye and the speckled claw to the right. I should use this for my next rockpool info session with the kids!
      Also would love to have links to other ‘spot the marine creature’ pics, if anyone has taken their own shots

  2. PS Are you following The Coastal House blog on WP? I’m no fisheries scientist but these people know their stuff.

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