Cold, wet and windy day fishing on the breakwater

This weather seems to be typical of winter so far – wet and windy days followed by very cold nights. While it’s helping top up the snow at Mt Hotham (where I’l be for a snowboarding trip in 10 days), the conditions haven’t been great for diving or fishing. And a proposed boat trip has been postponed until the weather fines up.

We only caught some small salmon and plenty of blue-throat wrasse (which couldn’t be kept) this day – our luck wasn’t helped by the persistence of Sammy the seal who hangs around this area and tried to pick off the chicken wings I was using as bait.

*In case anyone was wondering, I have Photoshop but tend not to mess around with the photos I post: partly due to my lack of skill with the program and risk of making a mess but also because I like natural-looking photos. This pic probably didn’t follow the ‘rule of thirds’ with the amount of sky but I thought it gave more perspective than just cropping the top few cms. Any other opinions?


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  1. I like it that your photo here has so much sky. It tells a story about how the fisher was feeling.

    Also you’ve got me thinking about what the S Hemisphere winter is like this year. Here in the N Hemisphere we’re having an abnormal summer eg drought in the States and flooding in Britain.

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