Campaign continues to Protect our Coral Sea

Seeing as I’m heading up to the southern edge of the Coral Sea on the Queensland coast next week, it’s a good chance to post a campaign Im passionate about.

Protect Our Coral Sea  is a collaboration between marine and wildlife protection organisations to create a marine park network covering this beautiful and largely unprotected area. The Coral Sea extends east from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is bounded to the north by Papua New Guinea and to the east by the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. (see map below)

Current threats to the area include increased shipping traffic, pollution, commercial fishing and dive operations, coal seam gas extraction… the list goes on. You can sign the petition on their website and see more on why this area is so special. From the POCS website:

The Coral Sea is one of the last remaining places on Earth where populations of large ocean fish – sharks, tuna and billfish – have not been drastically reduced. With 90% of large ocean fish gone from the world’s oceans over the last 50 years due to overfishing, this makes the Coral Sea worth protecting.

The Coral Sea has spectacular coral reefs, remote islands, towering underwater mountains and deep-sea canyons. Its abundant wildlife includes whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and rays; seabirds; large ocean fish such as tuna, marlin, barracuda and swordfish and a diverse range of corals and reef fish.

Coral Sea Map, courtesy of James Cook University and Protect Our Coral Sea

Turtle-headed seasnake. Copyright: Nigel Marsh


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