Rooftop fish farms

interesting idea but the waste generated from rooftop fish farming could be a problem. still, would be great to see this in practice

Science on the Land

Thanks anthropogen for this news about fish farming and hydroponic gardening on roofs. I wonder whether it’ll catch on. Would you really want a big tank of water over your home? Or over the car park you use?

Maybe so. People have been collecting rainwater on house roofs for millennia. Hydroponic gardening works well. And I suppose it would be quite easy to make these farms vandal-proof by limiting access. Whether the farms would smell bad (rotting fish? fish poo?), whether there’d be swarms of flies, how fish diseases and plant diseases would be managed… well, never say never. It’s probably just as feasible as the ideas for onshore salmon farming, and for horticulture on Mars, that I’ve blogged about.

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