International Coastal Clean Up Day is on next Saturday!

I’ve been looking for an established clean-up event that focuses on the coast, so it couldn’t get more relevant than “International Coastal Clean Up Day” on September 15.
This came from Upwell today:

Find yourself with nothing to do on the weekends? Feeling the urge to fill that void with some beach cleaning? Well, get ready to kill two birds with one stone,* as International Coastal Cleanup Day is on September 15 – a mere eight days away. The annual effort is now in its 27th consecutive year, but as Ocean Conservancy points out, “this year’s Cleanup will have even greater significance with the anticipation of possible Japan tsunami debris on the West Coast.”

Ocean Conservancy has a full cleanup toolkit, including downloadable videos and graphics, background information, and a ‘take out the trash’ pledge right here.

I’ll be heading out next Saturday to do my part on a local beach (being a small coastal town, they don’t have an organised event here but I guess I should start one!)


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