Vale Ron Taylor, a pioneer of shark cinematography and conservation

Source: Facebook

Very sad news that pioneering white shark cinematographer Ron Taylor died in Sydney on Sunday morning.

Taylor, survived by fellow shark expert, wife Valerie, suffered myeloid leukaemia for two years and died peacefully at home.

I first read about the Taylors in a big hardcover guide I was given as a child, titled Australia’s Dangerous Creatures. The book is now packed away in a friend’s shed in Melbourne but I remember being amazed that this couple could regularly get so close to great whites (tip: not all white sharks are great whites!) and they lived to tell their story through some amazing footage and photos.

They were also known for their work on Jaws – here they are discussing their involvement (albeit in a simple-as-possible version for the clueless interviewer…)

More clips from their own films are up on youtube, well worth a look.


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  1. These guys are great – the work they did for shark conservation in later years was amazing. RIP Ron Taylor.

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