How deep are the world’s oceans? xkcd puts us in the picture

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Xkcd is one of those cartoon websites whose pictures are constantly copied into people’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, whether they are science nerds like the cartoonist or not.

I don’t often find them that entertaining but this one is a great comparative look at the depths of the world’s ocean and sea basins and trenches – simple and informative. I like it.


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  1. Awesome! Wish this had been around when I was studying deep and abyssal environments, would have made things more fun to remember 🙂

    • yeah definitely, it helps to have that comparison with land-based environments. We had a slide in one class that showed Everest fitting into the Mariana Trench with a few thousand metres of empty space below – one day it may be popular to make it to a Mariana peak camp…

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