How krill affects fish, seal and whale populations

I wrote a while back about krill oil becoming a hotly-publicised superfood; an article that is still my most-read piece and was my entry for a New Scientist annual student writing awards program (it missed the cut, though the editor loved the headline!)

This hand-drawn short film is a great view on the importance of krill, targeted at kids with its simple language but thankfully not speaking down to them. Drew Christie, the artist and director, has summed up the need for protection of krill breeding and feeding grounds nicely – this one is targeted at the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary but it can apply anywhere.

I worry though when the information section on the Youtube video labels krill as the “cash crop for the ocean waters” – krill’s real significance is its vital place in the oceanic food web, rather than just being the food source for human-targeted fish.


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  1. Wow, what a great short! And we’re with you regarding the proper importance of krill. It’s a big concern when lower food chain species are seen primarily for their cash value as fertilizer and pet food, etc.

    • exactly, I’ve said it before but I’m still amazed that fishmeal is still being fed to pigs and chickens. The protein in some chicken feed is just ground-up baitfish! Krill is also undervalued and I hope videos like this can show how much of the ocean depends on the zooplankton and phytoplankton to survive

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