Zombie bees and killer shrimp

Attack of the 40mm Shrimp! or thereabouts…

Biodiversity Revolution

Those who know me know that I watch a lot of Asian films: some very high quality ones, and some very cheap ones, the latter often featuring zombies and killer seafood. It turns out, though, that truth is again stranger than fiction.

Let’s start with the zombies – or should I say, ‘zombees‘? The US has been plagued with an outbreak of a parasitic fly (Apocephalus borealis) that lays eggs in foraging honeybees: these eggs hatch into larvae, which then eat the bee from the

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  1. Alison Jobling

    Thanks for another shout out! These shrimp are pretty amazing characters, all things considered, and certainly much more appealing than the hagfish in the previous post.

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