Inventing a new species, one misspelling at a time

Having a quick browse over my Twitter feed this morning, the word-nerd in me spotted this:

Ok, so Revolution may have been training up a new intern with poor English literacy but to get both of these wrong when you’re promoting an environmental documentary seems a bit absurd.

Just to check, I googled “cuddlefish” and it’s either a children’s swimwear brand, an Australian music group or a fictional US rock band on the iCarly TV series, none of which I’ve ever heard of…

As for “flambouyant”, Urban Dictionary defines it as “something very flambouyant/colourful/gay”. Which doesn’t really help when the word you’re using is in the definition but I guess cuttlefish are colourful (unless they decide to hide against a grey, light green or brown backdrop, when they just blend in).

Does this guy below qualify as cuddly or flambouyant? (The word-nerd again, hating having to spell that wrong!)


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  1. Just wrote a blog post about “science oopsies” in the media- this is a good example! I wouldn’t mind cuddling a cuttlefish though

    • cool i’ll have to check that post out. mistakes like this are just amusing but there are plenty of bad errors coming from a lack of understanding of the subject, rather than poor grammar or spelling… I’ll have to get another post together – “Educating the public about science, one correction at a time”

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