Wanna Fight?

Love this close-up ghost crab shot, the eye stalks are the most impressive. I was nipped by a common shore crab last Wednesday but these claws look like they could deal out more pain


ghost crab

This crab was ready for battle!  I crawled after it on my hands and knees, then layed on the damp sand for a close up shot.  Frame, focus, snap.  I took a shot, blinked, and then the crab was three feet down the beach.  I crawled after it again, got another shot, and away it went.

Crawl.  Shoot.  Repeat.

The crab and I played out this scenario a number of times over about a 100′ stretch of sand.  Each time I was only able to grab a shot or two before Mr. Crabs decided he had had enough and cruised a foot or two out of reach.

Crawl.  Shoot.  Repeat.

This is a horned ghost crab (Ocypode ceratophthalmus).  According to wikipedia, it can run almost seven feet per second.  According to my observations, that’s true.  Amazing that a creature with eight legs can move that quickly…and sideways at…

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