Victorians show their passion for marine science

Great event at the Melbourne Museum last week detailing some amazing marine science projects. One presenter told us exactly where the Southern Ocean is- many of my lecturers repeatedly insisted it was on Warrnambool’s doorstep, turns out it’s only concentrated around Antarctica. Interesting presentations from Peter on blue carbon and Kate on the chaing and newly-classified Burrunan dolphin

Prue Addison

Over 200 members of the general public attended the sold out event “Showcasing Victoria’s Marine Science” at Museum Victoria last week. This event aimed to showcase some of the most cutting edge research being conducted by Victorian marine scientists, and was hosted by the Australian Marine Sciences Association Victoria branch and Museum Victoria.

Showcasing Victoria’s Marine Science event logo. Featuring underwater image by Dr Julian Finn, Museum Victoria.

We handpicked six marine scientists to share their diverse and inspiring research stories with the general public. Here are stories from three of our presenters:

Dr Peter Macreadie, from the University of Technology Sydney, shared his bright ideas for blue carbon: “Reducing carbon emissions is an important approach to tackling climate change, but too frequently we forget that we have another weapon up our sleeves: ‘biosequestration’, which is the natural process of using plants, trees, and soils to capture and store…

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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for your great blog! I’m a PhD student at SCU and am trying to find out how many people around Australia are interested in helping marine research (or marine ‘citizen science’), and what sort of projects those people want to get involved with.
    Would you mind taking a look at my website ( or Facebook page: and help me spread the word about the national survey I’m running? They don’t have to be interested in helping marine research to fill in the survey (I want to hear all points of view!), and all completed surveys will go into the draw for some of $2,000 worth of decent marine prizes. All the info is on the website. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the site or FB page. Thanks!

    • Hi Vicki, I’m aware of th blog – retweeted a link to it on Twitter and filled out the survey as well! I’ll do what I can to help promote it- don’t get much time to update my blog or Facebook page these days but it sounds like a great research project. Is it linked to Redmap at all? They have a pretty good phone app and I’ve sent in a few contributions for fish found out of native range.

      • Oh, thanks for that Steve! So, social media must really work, then 🙂
        Obviously the survey isn’t exactly about Redmap, but the lead researcher, Gretta Pecl, is my external supervisor, so one of the things I’m looking at is the influences on people’s decision on whether to submit photos to a project like Redmap. There are other projects designed in a similar way, and the results will be applicable to them, but the hypothetical scenario in the survey is based on Redmap. So glad to hear you’ve sent in some photos for them – there’s certainly a lot of interesting things going on in the marine environment down there! Great to make contact with you – thanks again. Cheers, Vicki

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