The last straw- Deakin grad helping to change worldview on plastic pollution

Fellow Deakin Warrnambool marine biology graduate Nicole Nash has had, by the sounds of it, a pretty envious post-university career so far – ranger with Queensland Parks and Wildlife and founder of a campaign to end single-use plastics by tourist boats known as The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef.


Plastic straws are one of those absurd plastic implements people may use on a daily, once-off basis, throw away and then forget about – think plastic-handled cotton earbuds, cheap disposable razors.

While there are bamboo and steel straws on the market, like reusable coffee cups they rely on the user having the forethought to take them in their bag to a cafe, restaurant or bar. I have several reusable coffee cups and can count on one hand the time I’ve used a single-use plastic cup in the past year (always because I was caught out with no alternative).

Nicole is having some success convincing tourist boat operators to ditch plastic straws and has the backing of Tangaroa Blue and other partners to produce this video and push the message further. Well done!

More info via How to Join

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  1. Thanks for sharing our campaign 🙂

    • Hey Nicole, I was up in Port Douglas recently and saw the Last Straw signage up on bar counters at a few local pubs and cafes. Great to see they are taking it seriously (though I noticed the Central Hotel had several cups full of short and long straws on offer, and only a handful of paper straws on the three nights we went there).

      • That is fantastic to hear that you have seen the signage – there are so many Port venues and Cairns taking it seriously – it really is competitive.! Like Central Hotel though there are still a few we are still trying to sway, I regularly see venues who have paper and plastics, it is a start and sometimes just takes a few customers to convince the owners to commit and change.

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